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Mit Executive Mba Essays


Mit Executive Mba Essays

Three essays are required. The two short-form essays, and one long-form essay will provide you with the opportunity to highlight recent experiences from your professional life.Essay 1 (300 words or less)Lasting impact can happen on large and small scales. Tell us about how you inspired your team, and what you learned about yourself as a leader, through a recent difficult time.

As a founder, board director, and executive officer of a growth-stage technology company, I bring a unique set of experiences and a need for an innovative, transformative education that I can apply to my business immediately.

As an executive with both immediate challenges and wide organizational influence, I am particularly drawn to the action learning philosophy of the Sloan program. I am eager to transform my own mind and create immediate positive impact across my organization. I am inspired by the experiences of current students who implement their new learnings when they return to the office on Mondays. I am eager to do exactly that. My business is significantly more complex today than it was in the beginning when we provided a simple set of tools to small teams. Today, we are a multinational organization that provides tools and training to large enterprises seeking to implement Lean transformations of sophisticated processes in IT operations and multiple other industries. Throughout this journey, I have constantly challenged myself and my organization to learn, grow, and change. I seek to participate in this program as another step in my personal commitment to learning and adapting to the needs of the future. Now is the moment of maximum impact, whereby my organization and customers will be most receptive to, and benefit the most from, lessons and experiments that I intend to bring back and implement.

Typically, MIT Sloan would need you to have a minimum of 10 years of work experience when you matriculate. As the competition in the 1015 years of work experience pool is very intense, the admissions team wants to know what managerial experience you have that is unique. Successful candidates usually have a steeper trajectory in the early part of their career compared to most of their peers. You also need to have some general management experience by way of having managed your business, division or department. Ideally, you should have handled some budget, developed strategy and managed a team. You should have made some executive level contribution to your organization. You should be a thought leader and possess the ability to mentor others.

The executive MBA program is designed for fully employed, seasoned working professionals from a wide variety of industries with at least eight (8) years of full-time work experience. If you have less than eight (8) years of full time work experience, you can apply as a Fellows candidate. Applicants to the Global program must have at least ten (10) years of full time work experience and cannot apply as Fellows candidates.

If you applied and were not admitted and would like to reapply to the program, please follow these procedures. The most important thing is that you demonstrate through essays, subsequent career growth, and/or academic preparation that you are a stronger candidate. We recommend you review the EMBA application requirements before submitting your new application to ensure they have not changed since you last applied.

Wharton accepts simultaneous applications to its executive and traditional MBA programs. In order to apply to both programs during the same admissions cycle, applicants must submit separate and complete applications, following the instructions and deadlines required by each program. Dual applicants must also indicate within both applications that they are applying to the other program and whether a decision has been rendered by the other program and, if so, what that decision is. Admitted students may only matriculate in one program.

Executive MBA programs


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