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The Bolshaya-malaya Voyna LINK

LINK =====

CREDITSFilm AppearancesSurikov, Vasili Surikov, Ministerstvo Kinematografii, 1959Dlinnyy den, Sverdlovskaya Kinostudiya, 1961Tishina (also known as Quiet and Silence), Gosudarstvenii Komitet po Kinematograffi, 1964Nezhdannyy gost (also known as The Unexpected Visitor and The Uninvited Guest), 1972Tabor ukhodit v nebo (also known as Gypsies Are Found Near Heaven and Queen of the Gypsies), 1975, subtitled version distributedby Sovexportfilm, 1979Kotovsky, Po volchemu sledu, Moldova Film, 1977Osobo vazhnoye zadaniye (also known as Particularly Important Task), Mosfilm, 1979Kotovsky, Bolshaya-malaya voyna (also known as Big Little War), Moldova Film, 1980Odnazhdy dvadtsat let spustya (also known as Once upon a Time Twenty Years Later), Gorky Film Studios, 1980Cherez Gobi I Khingan, DEFA-Studio fur Spielfilme/Mongolkino/Mosfilm, 1981Ottsy I dedy (also known as Fathers and Grandfathers), Gorky Film Studios, 1982Chastnaya zhizn (also known as Private Life), Mosfilm, 1982, subtitled version distributed by International Film Exchange, 1983U opasnoy cherty, Mosfilm, 1983Schastlivnik, 1988Bez nadezhdy nadeyus (also known as I Hope without Hope), Moldova Film, 1989Vyshinsky, Vrag naroda--Bukharin (also known as Public Enemy Bukharin), Chasovoye Foto/Denn Moss Entertainment/Goskino/Mosfilm/Soyuzkino, 1990Futbolist (also known as Soccer Player), Mosfilm/Soyuzkino,1990Vstretimsya na Taiti (also known as See You on Tahiti), Enio-Film, 1991Kolya, The Ice Runner, Borde Releasing/G.E.L., 1993(As Evgeny Lazarev) President Karpov, The Saint, Paramount, 1997(As Evgenij Lazarev) Yuri Chivartsev, Hamilton, Buena Vista, 1998 (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle []).push(); (As Eugene Lazarev) General Dubinin, The Sum of All Fears (also known as Der Anschlag), Paramount, 2001(As Eugene Lazarev) Uncle Anatoly, The Quickie, Monarch Home Video, 2001Title role, Boris, American Film Institute, 2002Dr. Roulette, Rice Girl, Alpha-O Production, 2003(As Eugene Lazarev) Mr. Dzerzhinsky, Duplex (also known as OurHouse and Der Appartement-Schreck), Miramax, 2003Issac Epp, Pearl Diver, Wood Entertainment, 2004Mr. Karmin, Malachance, Perro Negro Productions/Parthenon Films, 2004Television AppearancesSeriesUboynaya sila, [Russia], beginning 2000Miniseries(As Evgueni Lazarev) Tjivartsjev, Fiendens fiende (also known as Enemy's Enemy), TV4 Sweden, 1990Nepredvidennye vizity (also known as Unforeseen Visits), [Russia], 1991MoviesIz zhizni fruktov (also known as Experts Are Investigating: From Fruits' Life,Sledstvie vedut znatoki: Iz zhizni fruktov, and Sledstvie vedut znatoki: 16), 1981(As Eugene Lazarev) Vshyinsky, Stalin (also known as Sztalin), HBO, 1992Grafinya Sheremeteva, 1994Tjivartsjev, Tribunal, 1995(As Eugene Lazarev) Voice, Fail Safe, CBS, 2000Episodic(As Eugene Lazarev) Yuri, "The Pushkin Letters," Suddenly Susan, NBC, 1999(As Eugene Lazarev) Vassily Kononov, "The Lame Duck Congress," The West Wing, NBC, 2000Bohdan Lavashko, City of Angels, CBS, 2000(As Eugene Lazarev) Gregor, "Travinia: Part 1," The Beast, NBC, 2001(As Eugene Lazarov) K-Directorate agent Dr. Kreshnik, "Color Blind," Alias, ABC, 2001(As Eugene Lazarov) K-Directorate agent Dr. Kreshnik, "Reckoning," Alias, ABC, 2001(As Eugene Lazarev) Nikola, "9:00 p.m.-10:00 p.m.," 24 (also knownas 24 Hours), Fox, 2002(As Eugene Lazarev) "Hindsight," ER (also known as Emergency Room), NBC, 2002(As Eugene Lazarev) Grandpa Manookian, "Fire Fighters are Jerks," Reno911!, Comedy Central, 2004Stage AppearancesAppeared as Stanley Kowalski, Streetcar Named Desire; also appeared in Walk in the Woods, Theatre in the Square.Stage DirectorA Family Affair, Theater Emory, Atlanta, GA, 1992-93The Lion in Winter, Georgia Ensemble Theatre, GA, 1999-2000

Gennady Sayfulin was born on February 23, 1941 in Moscow, RSFSR, USSR [now Russia]. He is an actor and director, known for Tri dnya Viktora Chernyshova (1968), Bolshaya-malaya voyna (1980) and Vrag naroda - Bukharin (1991).

Gennady Sayfulin was born on February 23, 1


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