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Manual Strands S68 45 __EXCLUSIVE__


Manual Strands S68 45 __EXCLUSIVE__

the dosimetry parameters of a newly introduced implant technique using an automatic seed afterloader were not significantly different from the parameters of a manual insertion technique using rapid strands. since either technique has its advantages and disadvantages regarding seed migration, physics quality assurance, efficiency, logistics, and ease of use, it was decided to use both techniques and to continue evaluations.

in all seven patients, whole-body mri was performed using a 3.0-t mri system (magnetom trio, siemens, erlangen, germany), which was equipped with multiple phased-array surface coils with a maximum gradient amplitude of 40 mt/m and a maximum slew rate of 200 mt/m/ms. a series of images acquired successively in a coronal orientation at an identical slice level was automatically combined to generate a single coronal composite view using the manufacturer's optional software. no manual realignment was needed.

in a randomized sequence, 7 patients received intraoperative implantation of 110 in-field non-implanted 125i seeds (r groups) and 7 patients the procedure was performed with 125i rapid strands (s groups). patients were evaluated using transrectal ultrasound with multifrequency probes (5.0--8.0 mhz), as well as digital rectal examination. seminal tract patency was assessed by means of mr-prostate imaging. indicator seeds, histology and biopsies were used to evaluate seed migration. immediate post-operative dosimetry was performed in 4 patients of each group. follow-up dosimetry was performed after 4 weeks for the rapid strands group and after 6 weeks for the r group. goseki radiation sores were investigated by means of bone scintigraphy at 4 months. local tumor control and side effects were recorded. d(90) and d(100) were defined as the minimum dose delivered to 90% and 100% of the gland volume, respectively. the appropriate rectal and bladder wall dose-volume parameters were calculated. 3d9ccd7d82


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