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BirthTouch: Questions and Concerns

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sl geek academmy1

Apple Watch 487 Hacked!

Download :::

I suspect that normally isn't isn't a device itself that is hacked (Apple has pretty strong security about that unless you do something like handing over your unlocked phone to a stranger), its more an Apple ID that can be compromised. In that case:

Thank you! @tyler39 I have no profiles, and I do need to setup my VPN... But, my I phone still acts funky... It automatically switches from my apple ID profile, but other times I come in under my contact name while texting with my BFF. She's always asking how do I go from my name being displayed to my apple id I told her it was no my doing, but Im thinking is because she might no have my apple ID which is the same as my email added into my contact. However, she says that it always happens after 5:00 her time I'm EST while shed MCT...

I keep getting creepy feelings like someone has been accessing my phone. I often find apps open. I have found emails in my spam folder that I never opened, but they had been opened and marked spammed. I know I sound like a tin foil hat wearing nut job, but I had my entire portfolio stolen from my galaxy over 2000 photos gone. Well, they are in my box account, but the Hacker changed all of my passwords, and recovery info. I also found over 100 Facebook fake profiles listed under my name... But, we all know Facebook is just a wanna be hacker training camp... All I know is that I been hacked out of social networking.

Sounds like the last 6 months for me, everything has been hacked , ruined my life, money, house, everything, and still going on and dont know for what Looks like the smae code in your phone is also the same as mine/ Please tell me more about what happened.

Micah Hoffman: I gotta watch how I say this. (laughing )... I always like finding out things about people and systems in a legal and ethical manner. No. I mean, that was one of the things that got me into offensive security when I was doing penetration testing, web hacking was not necessarily the finding the exploit, and that would get me in executing the exploit that would get me into a system. It was, once I'm in there, what can I see that I shouldn't be able to see it. It was almost like cyber voyeuristic for systems I was paid to break into. But I really found that when I was doing those penetration tests, that the more I did reconnaissance, the more effective I was at pen testing. And I remember this one engagement where our process, when we had a web application, we were kind of hack and it was on the internet, our process was to go ahead and just do some searches, do some googling. And I remember taking the name of the site and domain, and running a Google query and getting some documents coming back. And I was like, Alright, well, let's look at this one. It was like a help doc. And I read through the help doc And literally, page two was like, Oh, so you want to get into the application. If you want to get into the application, enter your username like this. And it gave a name and a password like this. And it gave a password. I literally typed in that username and password and I was into the app. And I was like, Wow, this is so powerful. That stuff is out there and if I can find it, I can use it. And that was that was one of those aha moments for me where cybersecurity was cool., but this was exciting. And that was where I remember saying, you know, this is this is the future for me.

Micah Hoffman: Absolutely. This is something that I learned as I went through all the different stages of my work, that what we call Open-Source Intelligence. It's really a process and that process is different for each person or team that goes through it. It is something that a lot of different people in most all of the areas that touch on cyber go through, whether you're doing blue team, and you're looking up domains and IP addresses that either have been hacked or are being hacked, or you're digital forensics and incident response person, and you're dumping the usernames off of somebody's mobil


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