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Dark Parables: The Exiled Prince SE - Wendy _BEST_ Free

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When we placed the portrait on the easel at the Castle Keep, Princess Fionnuala stepped out of the portrait once more. She explained that if the Blood Moon rose above Islet Rock before she found the Water of Life, the entire world would be "devoured by the eternal darkness". Right after the princess told us to replace her in the portrait, a man dressed in a suit of armor (who looks a lot like Siegfried), pushed us off the tower, causing us to black-out.

Regaining consciousness, we found ourselves by a river, only to shiver and almost freeze to death. We later found shelter in what appeared to be an old academy. As we lit a nearby fireplace to warm ourselves, the spirit of the traitor knight suddenly appeared. He asked us to free his spirit by burning his portrait. We did as he told us and in exchange, he told us that we have to help the princess break her curse who else "her curse shall devour the world". We eventually got ourselves back to the castle by following Aleda.

Once, there was a Prince of Darkness with a duckling for a companion. The prince was too young to understand where the duckling came from; it was natural for him to be with his duckling wherever he went. They have always been together since the day they were born. In the prince's home, there were other ferocious birds that belonged to his brothers. The other birds perceived the little duckling as a weak creature, and she suffered verbal and physical abuse from them. Every time the prince tried to protect the duckling, his brothers teased him mercilessly. "How pathetic! A weak master with a weak heart deserves a weak guardian. Better hide yourself in darkness. You have brought disgrace upon us." Both the prince and the duckling led a mournful existence. One day, the prince found out he was sick. He set off into the world to find the cure for his illness. Soon, he found himself in a beautiful kingdom filled with light and was delighted with everything he saw. Even when he was inside his wagon, outside was joyful. Though he wanted to join the people outside, he could not, for the light burned him. People were always afraid of him. One day, as the dawn arrived, the prince left his wagon with his duckling. He could not bear a life of solitude any longer. He yearned for the light, even though the light rejected him. Even the shimmers of light at night did not accept him. He played sorrowful music with his fiddle, finally deciding to throw himself at the sunlight. He thought that even if the light burned him, anything would be better than to live a life of ugliness and darkness. A princess, who was of a similar age, approached the prince. She said, "You play such wonderful music, and your duckling is so beautiful. Would you like to play with me"

Once upon a time, there was a King who had a daughter. The little girl grew up to be delightfully charming. She became a graceful and attractive princess. One day, messengers came from a kingdom of darkness, asking for the Princess's hand in marriage for their Prince. This kingdom of darkness was not well-known. Legend says that it's a dominion at the end of the known world, connected to the words of dreams and death. It's a mysterious realm that cannot be found by outsiders. Who would be willing to marry off his daughter to the prince of such a place But the King feared that if he rejected the marriage proposal, it might offend this terrible kingdom. The King thought that the Prince had only proposed to the Princess because of her beauty. So, the King came up with a plan. He asked a painter to draw a portrait of the Princess but to deface it with blotches of paint. The King sent the messenger back with the ruined portrait with a message saying that the Princess's face was disfigured in an accident, making her ugly. However, the Prince loved the heart of the Princess more than anything. The Prince still remembered the Princess who had brought light into his dark world when he was young. He still wanted to marry her. Th


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