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How To Buy Concert Tickets On Ticketmaster

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Ticketmaster is a notorious and known website where people can purchase tickets to different shows of any kind without having to go to an actual box office. If you're wanting to bring your kids to an ice skating show, circus, or get tickets for a pop concert, it's highly recommended to use online sites and be prepared rather than the last minute.

As the official ticketing partner of thousands of concerts, sports, and theater events around the world, we offer the widest selection of tickets, and all of our tickets are guaranteed by a verification process or a money-back guarantee.

Note: The Tour Organizers will be making 100% of tickets for the SUGA Agust D TOUR IN U.S. available for purchase during the ARMY MEMBER Presale. Registering as an ARMY MEMBERSHIP holder is your best chance at securing tickets.

Please Note: We expect heavy demand for these shows, and ticket availability is limited. If all tickets are purchased during the ARMY MEMBER Presale, there will not be a General Verified Fan Presale or Public Onsale.

All ticket purchases must be made online. Please be prepared to shop for tickets using your computer, mobile web or Ticketmaster app. Tickets will not be available by phone call or the Alexa skill app for this tour.

No. Fans using a public or shared WiFi network, no matter how many people are sharing, will NOT be blocked from shopping for tickets. We encourage everyone to sign in to their own Ticketmaster account and join the Waiting Room 30 minutes before the Presale begins.

Yes, no matter how many people are sharing a WiFi network, you will NOT be blocked from shopping for tickets. We encourage everyone to sign in to their own Ticketmaster account and join the Waiting Room before the Presale begins.

Many unofficial sellers will list tickets before they even go on sale. This practice is called speculative listing and fans should not trust resellers claiming to have tickets. Those speculative listings are not real tickets in hand. Beware of these sellers. Learn more about spec tickets here.

No, this will not be an issue. Before you shop for tickets, please make sure you sign in to the Ticketmaster account that will be using the tickets the day of the show. The tickets will be placed in this Ticketmaster account.

Due to extremely high demand and limited invitations, we are sometimes unable to confirm your access for Verified Fan Presales. Should additional invitations become available, we will notify you by text message. Please keep in mind that any additional ticket inventory will be extremely limited and tickets are available on a first come, first served basis.

High demand equals high prices, so finding affordable tickets will be challenging, but there are some options for those looking to score last-minute seats. Gametime and Seat Geek are two reliable resale apps with tickets for every major show, and the prices are sometimes lower than those on Ticketmaster. Stubhub can be a great resource as well, but customers should err on the side of caution as that platform has also had issues with lofty fees and markups.

The Bryce Jordan Center has partnered with Ticketmaster to offer University Park students the convenience of buying online through To purchase a student ticket on Ticketmaster, go to the event and click on the "Unlock" icon. You will be prompted to enter your "offer passcode." As a Penn State student, your "offer passcode" is your PSU ID#. Limit 2 student tickets per purchase plus up to 6 additional full price tickets. Limits vary by event, please check the event details page for information.

Ticket Transfer makes it possible to share general public tickets with your friends and family! Whether you're buying for a group or gifting someone a surprise ticket, you can transfer tickets with a few taps.

Your transferred tickets will show as sent. When your recipient has accepted them, the ticket will show as claimed. You will receive an email confirming the ticket has been accepted by your recipient. After a successful transfer, the ticket is no longer valid for entry from your account.

First, scammers set up a fake Ticketmaster website and listed the tickets. But when someone tried to buy the tickets, the scammers claimed there was an issue with the payment system and asked the victim to call a 1-800 number for help.

In this scam, fraudsters try to bypass your skepticism by offering great ticket deals over social media platforms or online marketplaces. They may post photos of legitimate Ticketmaster tickets, or even meet up face-to-face and sell you fake tickets.

The NRG Park Box Office will sell tickets to most all events at NRG Park. Events playing at NRG Stadium, NRG Center, NRG Arena and NRG Astrodome will have event day ticket sales at that specific venue, ticket sales hours will vary by show.

A: No. For example RodeoHouston tickets are not sold on Ticketmaster (go to for more information). There are other events which do not sell their event tickets on Ticketmaster, but currently most live entertainment events at NRG Park except RodeoHouston sell their tickets on Ticketmaster.

Fans who have purchased Fan Club or VIP tickets may get information from the show regarding different entry procedures. Fans should receive an email from the VIP provider a few days before the event with information about entry procedures and the distribution of merchandise. Please refer to your point of purchase for additional information or customer support contact information for the VIP provider.

Please note: Tickets are not available to purchase at the arena box office on the first day of the general public on sale for non-Wild events (i.e., concerts, family shows). During this time, tickets may be purchased online at Any remaining tickets following the first day of the general public ticket sales will be available for purchase at the box office on the next business day the box office is open.

Pro tip for faster mobile entry: Add your tickets to your phone's "wallet" and have a fully charged battery. Log on to your Ticketmaster account and add the mobile tickets to your Apple Wallet/Google Wallet app. This bypasses the need for Wi-Fi or cellular data at the gates.

Gift cards are available for purchase online or in person at the Xcel Energy Center Box Office. Gift cards may be used to purchase tickets in person at the box office, at most concession stands in the arena, and for merchandise in the Hockey Lodge.

The only authorized ticket sales agents for Xcel Energy Center events are the Xcel Energy Center Box Office, Xcel Energy Center Sales Department and Ticketmaster. Tickets purchased from any other source may not be valid. Xcel Energy Center is not able to honor, replace or refund invalid tickets. If you purchase tickets from an unauthorized agent in the secondary market (scalper, ticket broker, eBay, Craigslist, StubHub, etc.), you risk purchasing counterfeit or invalid tickets.

The ONLY authorized ticket resale service for Xcel Energy Center event tickets is Ticketmaster's Ticket Exchange. Ticket Exchange is an online service that enables premium and fan-to-fan transactions. More information on Ticket Exchange.

Mohegan Sun patrons can purchase tickets for any Mohegan Sun Arena show right on-site from our Box Office located in the Spring Gateway. Casino patrons now have the luxury of purchasing tickets to world-class shows while enjoying a day of play at Mohegan Sun or online at Ticketmaster.

Please Note: The first day an event is on sale, all customers wishing to purchase tickets must log onto All customers who wish to use other forms of payments may log onto The Box Office will not accept sales on the first day an event is on sale.

As an added convenience, casino guests may pay for show tickets using cash, credit cards or Momentum Dollars. Instantly receiving concert tickets to most events. Patrons can view floor plans of the venue allowing concert-goers the option of selecting the seats they wish to purchase.

The resale or attempted resale of tickets on Superdome/Smoothie King Center/Champions Square property is prohibited by law. Violators will be removed from the premises and subject to arrest and prosecution as appropriate.

Use your Citi credit card or Citibank Debit Card to get special access to purchase tickets to thousands of events, including presale tickets and exclusive experiences for the year's most anticipated concerts, sporting events, and arts and culture experiences.

I was lucky in the first phase of the war yesterday. I was chosen as one of the fans who could try and participate in the Verified Fan Pre-Sale that began at 10:00 a.m. EDT. Ticketmaster, the company that is selling tickets to Taylor Swift's upcoming The Eras Tour, has a program called "Verified Fan." The Verified Fan program allows the company to ... well ... verify that you are a person before you buy tickets. It theoretically prevents tickets from being immediately resold, and allows actual fans to buy tickets instead of bots. I was allowed to do the Verified Fan Presale, to be clear, because I paid for it. Fans were entered into a lottery to be added to this presale if they purchased merch from Taylor Swift's store (in my case Midnights on vinyl). But it's all kind of a ruse. Not everyone who was a verified fan got a code, so not everyone could even try the pre-sale. But I was lucky. I got a code.

Now, I am no green ticket buyer. I know that the world is a cruel place and that often we are not given what we want. I know that sometimes you are a Verified Fan (as I was for the Harry Styles concerts earlier this year) and you still don't get tickets. But I prepared nonetheless, ready to enter the queue the minute the site allowed me. If there was another option, I would have taken it. But this is America. Another option would be less money in a corporation's pocket, and therefore, it cannot exist. 59ce067264


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