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BirthTouch: Questions and Concerns

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[S1E5] Practice Makes Perfect


Miss Lilly Comes to Dinner: Angelina insists that everything be perfect for Miss Lilly's visit, but Angelina learns that sometimes things never turn out quiet as you've planned.Lucky Penny: When Angelina find a lucky penny, she decides she doesn't need to practice for an important audition. But when she loses the penny, she realizes that practice makes perfect after all.

Naomi asked Denise if she was studying for next years exams because they are over. Denise said she is studying for next year's exams because practice makes perfect. Then, Naomi asked JianHao if he was studying as well. But, JianHao said that he was practicing his parent's signature so they don't have to see his grades. JianHao asked Naomi what she got. But, Naomi failed and said she thinks a lizard pooped on her paper. JianHao thought that was a weird flex. 59ce067264


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