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SET 1:Down with Disease, Funky Bitch, Fluffhead, Roses Are Free > Rift, The Moma Dance > Ocelot, NICU, Sample in a Jar, JuliusSET 2:Rock and Roll -> Carini -> My Problem Right There, Mike's Song > Sanity > Weekapaug Groove, Suzy Greenberg > Light > Character Zero > Also Sprach Zarathustra > Loving CupENCORE:First TubeShow RatingOverall: 3.936/5 (217 ratings)Jam Chart VersionsJulius, Rock and Roll, CariniDebut Years (Average: 1994)Song DistributionHoist3Joy2Stash2Junta2Farmhouse1The Story of the Ghost1Billy Breathes1Rift1On This DateOct 22, 2021: Phish - Phoenix, AZOct 22, 2016: Phish - Alpharetta, GAOct 22, 2014: Phish - Santa Barbara, CAOct 22, 2013: Phish - Rochester, NYOct 22, 2012: Trey Anastasio Band - Stroudsburg, PAOct 22, 2006: Trey Anastasio - Denver, COOct 22, 2006: The Rhythm Devils - Cleveland, OHOct 22, 2002: Spearhead - Winooski, VTOct 22, 2002: Trey Anastasio Band - Burlington, VTOct 22, 2001: Widespread Panic - Phoenix, AZOct 22, 1996: Phish - New York, NYOct 22, 1995: Phish - Champaign, ILOct 22, 1994: Phish - Orlando, FLOct 22, 1990: Phish - New Orleans, LAOct 22, 1989: Phish - Burlington, VTPerformersTrey Anastasio, Page McConnell, Jon Fishman, Mike GordonLinksLivePhish DownloadListen to 10/22/2010 on This show was part of the "2010 Fall Tour" Previous ShowNext Show Random Show Gap Chart Setlist Options Add to Collection Attendance Submit a CorrectionShow Reviews2010-11-17 10:55 am, attached to 2010-10-22ReviewbywaxbanksI've been listening to a lot of Dead lately, and one thing I've come to cherish about Dead shows is the 'Jerry Ballad' - the slow, intensely weary late-second-set Garcia tune that in the band's later years served as the inevitable landing pad for the big Set Two jam. Those weary murder ballads and brokedown folk numbers - Wharf Rat, Black Peter, Morning Dew, Stella Blue, Standing on the Moon - let the dancers come down a little and offered a familiar musical space for the psychedelicists in the room, but also brought the night's intensity and *intimacy* up to a new level. They weren't just 'bathroom break' tunes. Far from it.I don't know that there's a Phish equivalent to the Jerry Ballad. Certainly there are late-night Phish mainstays: Slave, Hood, the inescapable YEM. But you might say those tunes are for getting high rather than going deep, you feel me Phish have never been a melancholy band, and their 2010 shows are more relentlessly upbeat than any of their post-Remain in Light performances; gorgeous as Hood and Slave are, weirdly abstract as YEM is, they're also a little glib, mainly in terms of lyrical content. ('Seen the city, seen the zoo / Traffic light won't let me through' doesn't deserve to be spoken aloud in the same breath as 'Half of my life / I spent doin' time for / Some other fucker's crime.') The Hood jam might be the most beautiful thing anyone's ever played - I think that sometimes - but as a whole, the *song* Harry Hood is a little jokey for its own good, wouldn't you sayAnd aren't the songs songs, rather than wrappers for improvisationsNow, Phish aren't up to what the Dead were up to, obviously, so we shouldn't hold Trey's 'failure' to be Jerry Garcia against him, anymore than we should reduce him to his success at (kinda) being Frank Zappa. But listening to this superb show, I find myself wishing for a Jerry Ballad. This band means the world to me, but I've been wishing it for a while...This concert is pure high-octane Friday rock majesty, but it didn't have to be just that. There isn't a single dull or lame moment in the whole second set, and plenty of thrilling ones: Trey's haunting guitar work near the end of the Rock'n'Roll jam, unexpected funk rhythms in Carini, the spry solos in My Problem Right There, the ecstatic stupidity and surprising intensity of the late Sanity jam, chromatic craziness in Weekapaug, and of course the unbelievable richness of Light. (Phish have never played a bad version of Light.)


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