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Buy Thermal Imaging Goggles


Buy Thermal Imaging Goggles

Thermal vision has been the cure to improving vision for all types of professions, sports, and recreational activities. However, you must be pretty hardcore or have deep pockets if you're buying thermal imaging just for fun.

Although it's very expensive to buy thermal night vision, it can be used for more than warfare, raids, and covert operations. Hunters are maximizing this tech in the field to track down game, to control nocturnal varmint and pest populations, and scout the area for deer hot spots.

Campers and hikers can appreciate thermal imaging tech to see what's howling or grunting around the grounds and trails, and preppers will increase security measures with thermal vision to spot threats and breaches to their compounds.

So, how does thermal night vision work In a nutshell, the device emits IR (infra-red) energy. It records the temperature data of everything within the target scene to create a thermogram. The thermogram goes through a series of processes to produce an image of the target scene onto a screen.

Its specs include a 384x288, uncooled, 17-micron thermal sensor and 1280x720, 50Hz CMOS digital night vision sensor. In night vision mode complete with a built-in IR illuminator, it has 2.5-10x magnification, 400 m detection range, and a FOV of 15.4. It also has high-resolution detail processing for positive target identification of either a perp or to count tines.

In thermal mode, you have 3.5-14x magnification, 1000 m detection range, and a FOV of 9.1. The Trionyx separates thermal and night vision modes to allow for user preference, however, the multispectral overlay mode is a combination of both.

The Binox 4T is ATN's brand-new series of thermal imaging binoculars. With them, you'll never have an excuse to go blind on the job or in the night hunt again. Smarten up your surveillance and hunting techniques with the Smart HD binoculars.

The Asp-Micro TM160 is a monocular, but due to the threading on the underside of the body, it can be used as makeshift goggles when head and helmet mounted - we tested! It can be considered cheating, but this is hands-free thermal imaging on a budget.

Use these stats with its BIX (Ballistic Information Exchange) tech to get you dead-on with provided holdovers on your ATN smart scope. Don't have one You can download their ballistics app and still use your thermal binoculars with your regular glass scope - nice!

A new feature to thermal imaging devices is dual live streaming. It's the ability to record with the included micro SD card and stream your very own live action hunt or sting simultaneously to those behind the screen.

As a monocular, it can be used free-hand, but with its 1x optical magnification, it makes it the perfect set of thermal night vision goggles especially for nighttime use. Mounted to head/helmet gear, you can use one through the thermal and use your other eye for natural vision.

With a fast 60 Hz refresh rate, decent 320 sensor, and 1-4x digital zoom, you'll be able to follow targets and keep a close-eye on what they're up to. But, you must be aware that the Breach thermal night vision monocular is designed for close-range use.

No-one will breach the perimeters when you're equipped with Breach thermal goggles. Although it's law enforcement grade quality, the PTQ136 will be a valuable asset to any civilian looking to enhance their defense and security measures.

AGM Global is a new manufacturer of optics, but the collaboration between its owners bring decades of experience to the table. The Cobra is their series of thermal imaging binoculars that they've served up on a silver platter.

The TB50-336 is the smallest Cobra of the lot with its 336 sensor and 50 mm aperture. It has one objective lens because it's a thermal biocular. It's been built with a FLIR Tau 2 17 micron sensor with 800 x 600 display resolution and a 60 Hz refresh rate. Optical magnification is 2.9x and it has digital zoom of 2x and 4x.

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