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BirthTouch: Questions and Concerns

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Ts Offline Decryption Package

LINK ===>

Ts Offline Decryption Package

Hello, I need help in decrypting data. I used STOP DIJIVU Decryption for Mac software to try to decrypt the files. after running the software I was unable to find any of my files that were encrypted and were deleted from my system. There are no files saved in my C:\Documents and Settings\userfolder\Desktop\AppData\Roaming/ folder either. Also, the program said there were 0 files that were encrypted. What should I do and who can I contact with to help me

Yes there are software that are able to unlock your files. We are here to help. If you have downloaded the file you should go to the decryption tool that has been provided. If you need more support with this method, please contact us.

This product can be used when you are a victim of the above ransomware. In this case you will be instructed to pay the ransom in BTC and do the decryption using the public key. Once the decryption is completed, a video will be created showing what happened. This video is viewable in your web browser using the instructions given. In such cases, you can safely pay, as the product can reveal what has happened to your files and PC. The decryption process is highly customizable in terms of the time and files you are decrypting. You can also specify the new format and extension to be used when you save the decrypted files (NTFS or FAT32). This product uses the following components and drivers: FFMPEG FFMpegWin IDAexplorer MBAM AVG Security Suite WinRAR Ext2Check SchTest and Avira anti-virus.

If you find an infected file that is encrypted with the encryption key of this sample, you might be able to recover the encrypted file by downloading the attached.CRACK file. If it successfully decrypts, it opens notepad and shows you the decrypted sample file with the decryption key. Be sure to delete the attached.CRACK file afterward. 3d9ccd7d82


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