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[S15E14] The Dating Game

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[S15E14] The Dating Game

The dateable podcast is an insider's look into modern dating that The Huffington Post calls one of the top ten podcasts about love and sex. On each episode, we'll talk to real daters about everything from sex parties to sex droughts, date fails to diaper fetishes and first moves to first loves. I'm your host UA shoe, former dating coach turned dating sociologist. You also hear from my co host and producer Julie Kraft chick as we explore this crazy dateable world. Hi Friends, welcome to another episode of the dateable podcast. We are, I don't know. I'm out of words for excited ecstatic. We are intrigued by this week's episode. Let's just say that. We're intrigued, because the question we want to answer is love blind. What do you think, Julie Well, what a loaded question, especially after watching season three that just wrapped last week. I don't want to give too many spoilers. I know you ate your only 5 in, but I feel like, okay, so deep D who we have as a guest today. I feel like she was a legend. I love his flight. I mean, I think season one, Lauren and Cameron. We're just like that couple. People are always people say there's my favorite thing about love is blind is watching it, but then going to TikTok and watching all people's reactions. Like my partner and I will lay it bed and watch tiktoks. It's so entertaining. But there's a lot of people that are like, I feel like love is blind with solely created for Lauren and Cameron to meet each other. Because all the couples after have been kind of a train wreck. And I think it's interesting because season one, there were definitely some love stories that are still persisted. Season two, not so much. They're all divorced at this point. Okay, I'll re answer this question. I feel like the part about love is blind that I think is too much is like getting married barely knowing each other, but that actually isn't love is blind. I think the concept of building an emotional connection in letting that side overtake the physical is actually really healthy and dedicating that much time to actually form your connection. We talk about in modern dating, we just don't give each other enough time. I think love maybe love is not so much blind, but connection can be blind. You don't need to see the other person. And the only reason why I know that is because I had a pen pal, I was so in love with when I was in junior high. Remember when pen pals were a thing This came to me because someone started this pen pal chain. So when you get it, you send you have a list of addresses, which is also kind of creepy that would never happen today. The list of addresses and then you send a letter to the next person. On the address list and then you become pen pals and you are supposed to be friends. I did that too, yeah. You did that too, right Yeah. Now I'm wondering, how do people get these addresses Is there a price to see issues They just send emails now, probably. It's like not even Stella. And we were all kids at the time. Oh, there is some major privacy issues and safety issues there. But at the time it was so great, right Yeah, so you fell in love with your pen pal. Okay, so granted you were in junior high. Junior high. Had you bid told Okay, now I have to marry this person. Barely seeing them. How would you Julie I would have said yes. I pictured her life with this person. Never saw a picture. His name. There was no Google at the time. There was nothing. No information about this person other than just our correspondence over snail mail. I would have been like, hell yeah. I think it's so interesting watching love is blind. I know it's a reality TV show, but I do think you're captures the essence of so many daters. And I love we had our past guest doctor Diane. She's very popular on Instagram and she actually like dissects all the love is blind characters because she's a therapist and I feel like a lot of them what I'm watching. I'm like, I wish you were listeni


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