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BirthTouch: Questions and Concerns

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Buy Parking Permit

Buy Parking Permit --->

Parking Services recently partnered with Parkmobile to provide a service that allows users to pay for and extend parking sessions using a smartphone or web app. This service includes geo-fencing for guidance and wayfinding as well as customizable expiration reminders so you can extend your session remotely by phone. For more information, please visit the Parkmobile App page.

Visitors or guests may park and purchase Virtual Single Day and Hourly permits through ParkMobile App or self-service Permit Paystations. We recommend downloading the ParkMobile app before arriving at SJSU for faster and move convenient visitor parking payments. Self-service permit paystations are located at the following locations:

Visitor/guest virtual parking permit is valid in any General parking space not designated for any other use (such as Employee parking). Paystations accept Visa/MasterCard and coins, $1, $5 bills (Exact change only. Paystations do not give out change. NO REFUND WILL BE GIVEN FOR OVERPAYMENT). See Parking Maps.

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife owns or manages nearly 200,000 acres of land set aside for wildlife use and public recreation. The ODFW Wildlife Area Parking Permit helps fund habitat improvements and visitor amenities such as parking, restrooms and interpretive signs at these wildlife refuges.

A free parking permit is included with an annual Oregon hunting license, combination fishing and hunting license, and Sports Pac. Parking permits are not included with an annual fishing license or any daily licenses.

Proceeds from the Parking Permit program are used to improve habitat and infrastructure, and to enhance wildlife viewing opportunities at wildlife areas. Congress made it possible to protect these habitats and secure public access with passage of the Pittman-Robertson Act in the late 1930s. This has placed a federal manufacturer's excise tax on hunting arms and ammunition. These funds are allocated to each state based on the number of hunting licenses sold and size of the state. This is why a free parking permit is included with hunting licenses in Oregon.

Note: Non-reserved student permit holders, except permit M holders, are assigned to C parking lots when visiting East Campus. Permit M holders require additional permit for other university campus areas.

Note: Non-reserved student permit holders, except permit M holders, are assigned to C parking lots when visiting City Campus. Permit M holders require additional permit for other university campus areas.

Non-reserved parking permits are based on availability and do not guarantee a parking space. The Additional Permit Information page lists more information regarding proper permit usage and display, and how to replace or change a permit.

Garage permits ordered online that are not mailed must be picked up within 30 days of the permit's effective date or purchase date, whichever is later. The permit is needed to operate garage gates. If it is not picked up, the permit will be voided and any refund/credit will be applied.

Requests for LPR permit cancellation can be made by email from the students official UNL email account or U.S. mail. If the garage permit has been processed and mailed, it must be returned to Parking and Transit Services for cancellation and applicable refund processing.

A permit purchased after the second week of classes and returned within a two-week period will be charged for two weeks, with the balance refunded. After the two-week period, the permit return value follows the regular return schedule.

No campus department may use state, revolving, grant, contract, or other university funds or University of Foundation funds to pay for faculty/staff or student parking permits. Campus departments may purchase parking permits for special events, research participants, departmental vendors and visitors.

A valid driver's license and a copy of the vehicle registration are required when applying for this permit. If you are a resident of Campus W


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