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Free ((EXCLUSIVE)) Download Of Digital Signal Processing By Sanjay Sharma

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Study of DOA Estimation Using Music Algorithm PDFBindu Sharma, Ghanshyam Singh, Indranil SarkarWireless communication systems utilize smart antennas. Smart antenna have digital signal processing unit. Smart antennas have ability to locate and track signals. Smart antenna performance depends on efficiency of digital signal processing algorithms. The Angle of Arrival (AOA) estimation algorithms is used for estimate the number of incidents signals on the antenna array and their angle of incidence. This paper based on MUSIC DOA estimation method. The simulation results show classical MUSIC algorithm, different parameters effect on estimation and methods for improvisation of MUSIC algorithm.

Multiview Video Signal Transmission in a Dual Polarized DWT Aided MIMO SC-FDMA Wireless Communication System PDFShammiFarhana Islam, Mahmudul Haque Kafi, Sk. Sifatul Islam and Shaikh Enayet ullahIn this paper, we made a comprehensive simulative study on multi-view video signal transmission in a dual polarized MIMO single-carrier frequency division multiple access (SC-FDMA) communication system. The system implements various signal processing and signal detection schemes such as Haar based discrete wave transformation(DWT) , two-dimensional nonlinear Median filtering, 1/2- rated Convolutional , Repeat and Accumulate (RA) and BLUE.It is noticeable from such study that the multiview video signal with quite reasonably acceptable video frame quality is retrieved under scenario of implementing 1/2- rated Convolutional channel coding, BLUE and QAM digital modulation schemes. 1e1e36bf2d


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