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Troyee Accounting Software Free Download

Troyee Accounting Software Free Download ->>->>->>

Troyee has implemented accounting functions for small and medium firms with limited personnel by using graphic interface and drag-and-drop techniques. You dont have to be an expert in using this program you can use it easily. Its features include balance sheet, profit and loss statement, reports and forms.

Troyee Accounting Software supports incoming journals, manual and automatic incoming journals, direct posting of accounts, multiple journal posting and unlimited posting of journals to a journal file. For security, journal texts are password protected and can be password changed as per the requirement. Also, Troyee supports Accounting software for multilingual industries.

In computerized Accounting, in order to track your Inventory, Tracking Method is used which defines "Tracking Account" under which Journal "Reconciliation Jour- nale" is posted with the item numbers and its values entered. In Manual Book keeping, the above Journal entry is required to be posted before preparation of Trial Balance, but in Post-Audit, a reconciliation file is generated wherein the details of gross & net postings are available. At this stage, the Account can be provisionally classed as a "Inventory" Account.

In computerized Accounting, Statement of Balance is generated which is based on Permanent Account. In Manual Book keeping, Trial Balance is generated with the above "audit" file in hand which must be manually classified & posted under respective group that will maintain balance sheet in real-time.

These software has a great feature of auto classing or typ-ing of entries provided the use of pre-set coding scheme. For this purpose one is required to set a coded entry-letter for each expense. A great thing that you dont need to type entry-letters; These letters auto-type and paste automatically for you which also saves a lot of typing time. This feature is a great time saver for a beginner who has zero knowledge of coding scheme. 3d9ccd7d82


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