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sl geek academmy1

Hardwell Apollo Acapella Mp3 53 [PATCHED]

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Hardwell Apollo Acapella Mp3 53 [PATCHED]

tune out if you dont like that, or if you loved this, but remember that this approach didnt work on 2013 records. the last hardwell album to follow this style was the reorder project with ultra and reorder. as far as i know, he has not followed that style since, at least not with the albums that ive heard, so keep a close eye.

this news brings a special pleasure for me. remember that i have been a longtime fan of hardwell, since i started listening to music at the age of 5. ive been lucky enough to be able to see him live three times. this has been a dream for a while. two years ago, i would have never thought that i will ever see one of the biggest djs of the world in a club. but that is the magic of the .

its hard to believe its already been six years now that hardwell hasbeen grinding away with revealed recordings, churning outclassics like apollo and celebrate hitting one million followers on facebook & youtube, the dutch imprint is giving away their first ever acapella pack as a special thank you.

the first download is great, and the rest is definitivly the same. they call it future rave, but maybe it is more something out of the early 90s. the low end is decent, and so is the singing of garibay. unfortunately, i cant grasp the reason behind raving the first time, and then putting an entirely different style as the second one. 3d9ccd7d82


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