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Trapped On Monster Island Download [VERIFIED]] [pack]

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Trapped On Monster Island Download [VERIFIED]] [pack]

on the subject of abominations, you may have your opponents worship a goddess that demands tribute. the goddess, like the goddess of fertility, takes the form of a half-human woman with a horned head. the cult of this goddess must be appeased, and its followers understand that sacrifices must be made. the temple may be a remnant of the civilization that once existed on the island, or it may have been a temple to the ancient ones. if you choose to have these people worship the goddess, it should be made clear that she demands the sacrifice of a single being from each side of the island. the victim can be anyone from your campaign. in many cases, this is an individual who is under their power. if they have a weakness, it is ideal for you to choose an element that they are vulnerable to.

the temple is filled with traps, puzzles, and some combat. the party will face a wide variety of enemies. the temple will be filled with cultists, ghosts, monsters, traps, and possibly some treasure. the temple is not a static encounter, so it will be difficult to predict what the players will find when they arrive. a lot of the monsters will be summoned by the archdemons, and the party will be faced with the decision of whether or not to summon allies. this is also the opportunity to provide some more foreshadowing regarding the cults use of the temple. the temple may be infested with monsters, possessed, or the victims of murder. there will be plenty of choices to make.

in my experience, this version of the island is best suited for a standard dungeon crawl. the cave is large, but it isnt so large that it is impossible to explore. forcing the players to interact with the environment before they fight the monsters provides a unique challenge. its designed to give players a chance to witness the deadly consequences of their decisions. once the players decide to search the cave, they should have to become aware of the consequences of their actions. for example, a well-placed traps can defeat a character without them even realizing it. moreover, the players may find a secret entrance to a side cave that they never knew existed, and may be locked out by a monster. these are just a couple examples of the options available. 3d9ccd7d82


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