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Download DATA File V1.170.29


Download DATA File V1.170.29

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Mixed-layer depth for each profile was calculated based on the density step algorithm of de Boyer Montegut et al. [71], using a density step equivalent to a 0.2C temperature decrease from a 10 m reference value. Although profile data are used where possible, observations for each 2-week crossing were also interpolated to a grid with regular horizontal and vertical spacing as described in [70].

Overall workflow of mosaic reference standard construction. (a) Schematic of the genotyping of six cell lines used as materials. (b) Construction of 39 mosaic reference standards by mixing genetic materials of the six cell lines. Thirty-nine pairs of Set A and Set B were generated by different combinations and proportions of the six cell lines. Set A, sequencing data of the original mixtures; Set B, MRC5 sequencing data with replacement of sequences of variant sites from Set A. (c) Pipeline to generate positive and negative controls in the reference standards. After BAM file preprocessing, candidates for controls were cross-checked using Strelka2 and DeepVariant. Final control sets were fixed with three post-filters using raw read counts (pileup) of 39 mixtures and MRC5 WES data. WES Whole exome sequencing.

None of the above or other websites showing or explaining a very efficient way of using SPSS when complicated statistical analyses are required. Particularly when additional variables need to be created from the raw data file. These websites may be useful for seldom users, but not for a frequent or experianced users.

As a simple example, to run a new syntax file, switch to data file Data View window to enter data and then save the SPSS data file. Then go to a new syntax window and run the single command fre var=all.

The above example relates to an excel file. The path name must be given in full using the FILE= sub-command. SHEET=defines the sheet name within the excel file The CELLRANGE identifies the location of the entire data set, including a top row with variables names in (if applicable). READNAMES=on identifies the 1st row of the cell range as containing variables names.

SAVE OUTFILE='c:\spss_syntax\fred.sav'.Saving the data as an SPSS portable fileOccasionally the need may arise to save the data as an SPSS portable file in order for the data to be readable by a previous version of SPSSor by certain other statistical packages (eg. SAS). The command is EXPORT OUTFILE="path name\file name". The standard extension is .por.Example

In this example we have a string variable gender where the value 'f' has been defined using a VALUE LABELS command to indicate 'Female' and 'm' to indicate 'Male'.Also a number variable commfat has values of 0 and 1, where 0 has been defined as "No" and 1 as "Yes".The above syntax will produce an excel file with the contents of variables gender and commfat a


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