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Chained Heroes No Mercy

Chained Heroes No Mercy >

Heroes rarely kill their enemies: they either practice Thou Shalt Not Kill or have a moral friend remind them "If You Kill Him, You Will Be Just Like Him!" if they ever get too tempted. However, some heroes are creative. Much like a torturer using a Cool and Unusual Punishment, the hero does forgive the villain, or at least spare his life, but does so only to inflict suffering and/or enact some poetic justice.

See also Bait the Dog. Not to be confused with Villain's Dying Grace. Contrast Mercy Kill, which aims to do the exact opposite, Do with Him as You Will, where the hero only spares the villain to let others kill him, and Sparing the Final Mook, where the hero grants mercy to a usually harmless ordinary mook after defeating others. Contrast Go and Sin No More, where the villain is grateful for the hero's mercy. Inverse of Cruel to Be Kind, where the act is hurtful but will ultimately benefit the victim. If the Mercy is genuine and the Cruelty perceived, it's Don't You Dare Pity Me!. May be part of And I Must Scream or overlap with Fate Worse than Death.

Page 4To these advantages must be added a competent extent of territory. A commonwealth very contracted must be straitened in the number of citizens, and in the means of defence. Where the people depend chiefly on agriculture, the most sure and happy means of living and enjoyment, a small tract will not afford sufficient numbers nor wealth to give them commanding influence in the scale of nations. The ambitious may make their attacks with success, or the nation will be dependent on allies and pay tribute. A commercial situation of less extent may employ and support more people, produce more wealth, and be more easily defended; but does not commonly nourish those sons of valor who sicken the countenance of ambition, and palsy the arm of tyranny. A temperate and fruitful soil has always produced heroes, and where this has been sufficiently extensive, national greatness and glory.

Another important requisite for forming a great, respectable and happy nation is a good form of government. This will give complexion to national character. The form of government must establish liberty with order. For what is man enslavedPage 5A mere machine subservient to the pleasure and use of another. His mind is stupified, the noblest energies of his soul are palsied, and he sinks beneath those designs and actions, which stamp human nature with dignity. The countenance and deportment of the unhappy African, born in slavery, forcibly express this melancholy truth. The more enlightened and generous European or American, chained to the gallies without hopes of redemption, presents the same horrible picture. Extend the idea to a community; and what is a nation enslaved A mere servile herd, void of literary, social and moral improvement, and more unfeeling than the beasts of the forest. This humiliating truth may be seen in the degraded character of the present barbarous inhabitants of those celebrated countries, where Thebes, Corinth, Sparta and Athens once stood; where learning, liberty and refinement were united; where the free and confederated states of Greece withstood the arms, and rose superior to the gold of tyrants; and where was seen the powerful influence of freedom on national character and happiness. But a free people need not be told the value of liberty; ye know its worth. It was purchased with millions, and sealed with the blood of thousands. Nor was it purchased in vain. The acquisition of freedom has raised us to national independence, greatness and glory, and blessed us with constitutions of government, which with the blessing of heaven, will preserve our rights inviolate.

Page 10There is scarcely a stronger proof of impiety, than a profanation of the sabbath. This is the principal fence about religion. Break down but this, and the ark will be taken. There is too much reason to apprehend that this species of impiety is growing upon us. A few years since


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