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BirthTouch: Questions and Concerns

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Become Kanon's brother/sister. Anime Alarm is a must have alarm clock app for every "little sister MOE". ---How it works--- 1.Your little sister comes to wake you up. 2.Pat her on the head and thank her. 3.Kawaii little sister is delighted and happy. 4.You wake up easily, feeling good. You can touch and pat her while on standby. ---Features about Kanon---*More than 500 voice patterns*Able to change costumes, loves cosplay*Becomes happy when patted or touched*Supports both big brothers and big si...

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Zanpakuto is from bleach, and are the main weapons of the series. I have noticed there is not much bleach in-game, so I thought this would be a good idea. To earn a Zanpakuto, you would have to buy one from Rukia Kuchiki, who gave Ichigo his soul powers in the anime/manga. After that, you would have to talk to Kisuke, who would give you a quest for Shikai, which is the awakened form of the Zanpakuto. Kisuke Urahara is the one who trained Ichigo for Shikai. With Shikai, you gain an ability that you can use in battle. For example, Ichigo learned how to do Getsugatensho when he got Shikai. Next, to earn Bankai, you must have earned Shikai from Kisuke, and once you have done that, talk to Yoruichi Shihoin, who trained Ichigo for Bankai. With Bankai, you gain one extra ability of extreme power, or gain a weaker ability, but your old ability becomes stronger. Another thing that could be added is Hollowfication, which is basically already in the game, but as a not so great damage reduction power, and Hollowfication could boost your strength in battle when using Zanpakuto. As an example, a basic Zanpakuto could just be a simple katana, that z is a rush, and x is block. Shikai could be (I'm using Ichigo as an example) z is a rush of more power, x is a block, but c is a horizontal Getsugatensho (flying slash but horizontal) that scales off of chakra. Bankai, z, x are the same, but c is a black get sugar and v is a speed-up boost ( this was done when he fought Byakuya, he was able to move extremely fast). You would press 0 to activate it.

Now when I say pets I don't say things which fight normal players. I say things that help fight bosses. There's five different pets but you have to find them like fruit. You can have 1 equipped (2 for a gamepass) but after you beat him they go in your inventory. You can have up to four or buy the +4 gamepass like the champions. You can also upgrade these to get stronger and faster and the rarest one will give you a x2 chance of power drop or x1.5 multiplier. Once you fight a amount of boss battles (depends on what pet you have) they get tired and can't fight. The most common can do 2 battles before it gets tired and it takes 1 hour to wake up (or get a gamepass to halve the timer), You could also upgrade the pets so they get better stats: attack damage (maximum of 70), speed (maximum of 60, Cooldown (look the the power definitions) and chance of power drop (maximum of 5 percent) but only the rarest has the abilty to get the x1.5 multiplier, You can also unlock abilities like Stomp and Fire breath. You can also equip one of your powers on them but the power you put on the pet you can't use until you take it off, there's like 5 different types like, Combat, Wate


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