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BirthTouch: Questions and Concerns

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2:22 Subtitles Croatian

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All programs listed here are shown in their original language with English subtitles, except where noted. The trailers below, which may or may not have English subtitles, might not be suitable for all audiences; viewer discretion is advised.

Arguably the series that put Scandi noir on the map outside of the Nordic countries and made it the go-to sub-genre of international crime dramas (not to mention starting the Faroese sweater craze), this BAFTA winner for Best International series and two-time International Emmy nominee is finally going be available with English-dubbed audio instead of English subtitles.

The extras speak for themselves and the inclusion of the 2:22:25 long 1925 version (see below) is inspired! Although the downside is that it is non-progressive and has interlace issue (see capture with 'combing' below). It still looks very good, relatively clean and sharp!

The show aired in Sweden and Brazil with subtitles while retaining the original music and English dialogue. It also premiered with dubbed versions in Mexico, Brazil, Germany, France, Italy and Russia. 59ce067264


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