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RECORDING: 10 Reasons Why You Didnt Get That Interview Or That Job

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RECORDING: 10 Reasons Why You Didnt Get That Interview Or That Job

In an ideal world, the interview process itself would be efficient and optimize (versus maximize) stakeholder involvement and alignment, and not take more than a few months. A red flag arises when the number of interviews becomes excessive, and the process drags on for an extended period of time. Either (or both) of these can be a sign that the team or organization is overly consensus driven, indecisive, or has issues driving things to completion.

Exploding offers are job offers that are given with a firm deadline (often on a very tight timeline), beyond which, the offer expires. While rare, these still occur on occasion. One client of mine was given an offer at one company on a Friday afternoon and was told he had until Monday to decide. He was still interviewing with his dream employer and succumbed to the pressure from the first company and the security of having an offer of employment versus tolerating the uncertainty that remained with his ideal company (which incidentally ended up backfiring for the company whose offer he accepted, as he left months later when the job at the dream employer finally came through).

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Some employers might say not to apply if you have a criminal record. That could be employment discrimination. If that happens to you, contact the EEOC. Find more information on arrest and conviction records in employment decisions at the EEOC website.

When you get your background report, review it carefully. If you think there are mistakes, contact the background reporting company to explain the mistakes and ask that they fix them, and include any supporting documentation you have with your request. If the background reporting company informs you that it has revised your report, review the report to make sure the mistakes are gone. Ask the background reporting company to send a copy of the corrected report to the employer and tell the employer about the mistake.

If an employer got your background report without your permission, or rejected you without sending you the required notices, report it to the FTC at Also tell the FTC if you learn that a company shared your information with others without your permission.

Note: If you are disqualified or suspended before beginning a benefit year, you can receive benefits after the suspension or disqualification ends if, at that time, you can meet all the tests for filing a new valid claim.

Not Totally Unemployed: If you work while receiving benefits and do not report that employment, even if it is part-time work, you may be committing fraud. You may be suspended from receiving benefits for any day you worked and did not report that work. You may be required to pay back the money you received and a penalty may be assessed for falsely stating you did not work.

Availability and Capability: If you are not ready, willing, and able to work, are not prepared to take a job immediately or are not physically or mentally capable of employment, you will not be paid benefits until you are satisfying the Department of Labor that you are again available for employment and are capable of working and are making diligent efforts to find a job.

Job Refusal: You will be disqualified from receiving unemployment insurance if, after applying for unemployment insurance, you refuse without good cause to take a job for which you are fitted by training and experience and which pays the prevailing wage for that kind of work in the locality. You may also be disqualified if, after receiving 10 full weeks of benefits, you refuse without good cause to take a job that you are physically and mentally capable of doing and that pays the prevailing wage for such work and pays at least 80% of your base period high quarter wages.

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